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Cheers to Your Wedding Toasts!

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

It's never easy trying to tell stories without a narrative going on. But for those who enjoy telling stories and are often creating them, when it's about wedding videography, the best thing you have to use as a narrative for the most part are wedding toasts.

Sure...some brides do not like this approach. But if you are on crunch time and with no direction to tell your story, please, consider listening to the toasts first. It's what this wedding videographer does, whenever I need inspiration. I start putting them in order of story line, with a beginning middle, and end structure.

The rest is based around the toasts. Not everything from the toasts is mentioned in the highlight...hence the word ‘highlight’. But I do take out the most encouraging parts of the toasts. I use in particular toasts of people with eloquent voices. Once I place the voice overs in order, I look for footage that best represents what the voice over (toast) is addressing.

Storytelling is never so easy to come by. But when you have a narrative, it does make it less challenging to create a plot line. Using wedding toasts is the best start to building a great story in your wedding videos. Not to mention the fact that these toasts are addressed specifically for the couple, making it very unique for them.

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