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Happy Mother's Day

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Like the story of Maleficent (not sure if this will make sense or not), the latest rendition of Sleeping Beauty by Disney, where Angelina Jolie played the part of the horned antagonist, we get a background glimpse of why she became what she became. The common love story didn't turn out to be between the prince and Aurora, but true love's kiss that removed the curse from the sleeping beauty came from Maleficent. Though she was the one who cast the curse on baby Aurora, she herself, through compassion and eventually maternal love, took the curse away.

The story of Teresa sort of resembles that of Maleficent. Teresa, like Maleficent, was responsible for her pregnancy. Though killing was her first response after finding out that she was pregnant (for whatever reasons), it was the Women's Help Center, who helped her see that not only was she expecting one but two babies. Teresa was moved with compassion to provide true the love's kiss of life for her twins.

I love stories about mommas choosing life for their babies. Though it is legal to abort a child, it is still wrong to take away the rights for any human being to be born.

In this story, like in most of our interview settings, we used two cameras, the 7D and the 5D Mark iv. The L-series lens that I used on the 7D was the 24-70 mm. It was the camera that was also on the DJI Ronin-M, the gimbal stabilizer. The 5D Mark iv had a 50mm EF series by Canon. The EF is not so much quality as the L-series, but man, does it deliver sharp images. For a filmmaker, who is on a budget, I highly recommend this lens.

Personally, I felt like I needed to balance the lens and camera quality, which is why the 7D had the L-series lens, and the 5D Mark iv (the best of both) had the least expensive lens, 50mm EF. I don't know about you, but I hate interviews that are on a tripod. They do not have life in them, unless they are lit and composed beautifully, which is seldom. For my productions, most of my interviews have to have motion. It's my rule, at least. The still shot, in my opinion, needed to be symmetrical. I prefer using room corners to frame the interview shots. Why? Because they help with symmetry.

In this frame, I saw that there was a corner with two doors across from each other. So, I framed Teresa in between both doors. This composition actually led to the development of her! You will love what you are about to hear. It was subliminal, but worth the time to think it through. Unless you pay real close attention, you might miss out on the story. At the beginning of the shoot, the two doors in the background were closed. The door on the right had the cross of Jesus hanging, while the door on the left had nothing hanging. We made the door on the right represent life (for everlasting life in Jesus), while the door on the left represented death. Because she chose life for her children, by the time the viewer finds out that she chose life for her twins, the door on the right became slightly open, not too obvious. Again, it's subliminal. When I shared the idea with my client, she loved it! It helps to think through the small details. These are what make a filmmaker worthy of his/her wages and better at story telling.

I am in the middle of creating a video tutorial on story telling with composition, that I would love for you to watch and learn or even give me some input of how you use composition to tell your story. There is so much more to discuss about this topic that I really want to save it for more vlog/blog tutorials. So, please, please, make sure you follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If these links do not work for you, please, go to my homepage and click on the links there. Also, subscribe for more newsletters. Keep up the good work and until next time. :)

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