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I Almost Said "No" to this Video Project

Updated: May 13, 2018

Surely, I get very antsy when a customer calls at the last minute and wants to produce a final project with a deadline of 5 days or less. I hate telling people "no" when it comes to helping someone out. Tarah, with The CSI Companies, was excited that her company was nominated "The Best Place To Work" in the Jacksonville Business Journal. They were required to do a video that would display their facility in the most stunning way. But, Tarah's boss wanted the video to look professional. So, as we are going on our 4th year working with CSI, she decided to call us and request for a 1-minute video to be filmed and edited within a 5-day period. The only reason I didn't sweat it much was because of the length they wanted the video to be.

When it came time for the production, I used the 5D Mark iv (consider investing in one by clicking on the link) because of it's full frame feature and because it's ISO at about 3200 still looks lovely without barely any graininess. I was able to raise my iris at about 13 and raise the ISO to help increase the depth of field and make the room clearer and sharper.

I was hesitant to use anything less than 24mm, because I didn't want to distort the footage. But I attached the L series to the Canon on the Ronin and I proceeded to film at 60 fps for smoother shots. I did, however, rendered this project at 24 fps to give it a cinematic look. So, forgive me for my contradiction here.

How the team decorated and cleaned the areas helped make the production worth filming. From the gymnasium to the lake outside the office building, it is no wonder that The CSI Companies was chosen best place to work. There is more to come from the CSI Companies, as they have been a wonderful team to work with on a regular basis.

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