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Last Minute Brainstorming in Video Production

It is never easy thinking of creative ways to get...well, creative, especially when it's a customer asking you for a last minute video production. I enjoy making videos for the CSI Companies. They are constantly reaching out to millennials to be a part of their staffing team.

For this video, the marketing assistant was in need of a production that had b-roll of everything they offered their employees to call it, "A Day In The Life of a CSI Worker". Though, I was in for the project, I made a suggestion that could help their video look a bit different than from the average b-roll story. This time the story would be told from the employee's point of view. With such short notice, I had to think fast. They gave me a list of important places within the company to film, and I had to figure out what point of view to tell the story. The result turned out to be this short 30 sec video.

To film from a point of view perspective, I thought of 3 things:

1.) Add a prop to your hand

2.) Interact with the subject in front of you

3.) Add motion to your shot

Most of the shots were hand-held and from the cameraman's point of view. For audio, I had my assistant holding the boom mic. The very last two shots of this production was created with the Ronin M.

The editing was as simple as simple can be. No zoom ins and flared transitions. Minimal sound effects. Overall, this production was one I have never done before; therefore, I'm content with the final production, PTL.

To stay on top of your creative juices, the best way for me to not lose momentum is by taking breaks as often as you can. Head to the beach, if you live near the beach. Go to the park with your wife and kids. Ride your bike around. Read a book, such as God's Word, The Bible. Exercise. You will get tired of thinking creatively. Please, make sure you follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If these links do not work for you, please, go to my homepage and click on the links there. Also, subscribe for more newsletters. Keep up the good work and until next time. Have a blessed day!

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