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Music To My Heart!

The first thing that I must say is "Congratulations!" to my mother in law and her high-school sweetheart (now husband), Rob. For those of you, who have watched this video, you should probably know by now that they were married last year on December 29th. And, no! It didn't take me this long to make them a less than 2-min wedding trailer. I'm not that slow in editing videos, though my wife would beg the differ.

For being a very simple wedding and a very simple camera shoot, I wasn't expecting this video to come out looking so creative. I will admit to something here. Back in January or February...OK, maybe it was March, I gave my mother in law and Rob a different version than this one. My wife asked if I would create their wedding trailer using one of her favorite songs, "You're My Best Friend" by Queen.

I don't like using copyrighted music for two reasons:

1.) It's copyrighted...therefore, it's illegal to use music that's not mine. I will admit that I have used it in the past. But the conviction didn't kick in until fairly recently when I realized that I needed to set an example for my 2-year-old daughter. Not to mention, stealing is breaking the 8th commandment.

2.) I can't stand pop-culture music no more. I only use it now, whenever I know for sure it will not count as a promotion for my company. I, also, use copyrighted music whenever a customer tells me to use a particular song that will only get promoted on their website and social media. I may have a couple or more still lingering in my YouTube channel, though.

Epidemic Sound website

As I started to learn more about editing with visual and sound effects, I thought to use my in laws' video and switch things around a bit. The first thing that went out the door was the what song do I get to use? Yeah, that answer didn't take long. I went right to my trusted, royalty-free source, Epidemic Sound.

For many of you, who don't know about Epidemic Sound, let me tell you about this site. My goodness! It is the best source of music selection that you can pick via internet. Their choice of music, transitional snippets, and sound effects are so pro-bro that it doesn't even deserve to be called "royalty-free" music, because it gives it an amateur sound. Most of these performers and singers should be signing to a big label company or something. Then again, if they were, they wouldn't be a part of Epidemic.

The second reason why you should go with Epidemic is because of the options they give you to download your music. You can either download the song in its entirety...or...(get this) you can download the mix in stems breakdown. For example, if the song has the bass, the melody, instrumental, and drums, it will download all 4 parts (stems) separately for you to design your own mix...say what!?! I LOVE THAT!! Now, I'm not getting paid to say this, but man oh man, this Epidemic Sound site is giving my videos an upgrade on production quality.

Editing my in laws' wedding videography trailer became an oasis to my ears, after finding a song that part of the lyrics fit the love story of Rob and Rene. It even had an 80's, retro flavor, that fit well with their teenage years (probably more like late 70's, but who's counting...other than my mother in law...) Finding the right music to edit just makes sitting in front of your computer screen for hours so much more fun! Seriously, it does.

For you, who is a YouTube/content creator, the price rates are very inexpensive, but for the average film company or video production company, be aware that their prices change excessively. I, personally, say this, "It's worth every penny!". Sadly, you have to sign your life away for a year, which I'm not used to doing. However, I made this company the exception.

So, if you can take time to do your research, go to and find out more about their services. I don't believe you will regret it. BTW, A huge "Shout Out!" to Winter Moon Photos for making my mother in law and everyone in the family look so stunning! Please, make sure you follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If these links do not work for you, please, go to my homepage and click on the links there. Also, subscribe for more newsletters. Keep up the good work and until next time. :)

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