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Plan Your Stress Level in Your Video Production

When I was hired to film for SportsTyme, a summer camp for students from ages 5 to middle school age, I certainly enjoyed taking on the responsibility of creating a one minute video that highlighted most of the sports they taught to their students.

I often give my customers options so that they can choose how to proceed in enhancing the quality of their production. In one of their options, I had offered them to do some pre-production work, which they went with. In the pre-production package, I included hours to brainstorm, meet the staff, scout location, and write a script.

It is in this pre-production work that I can be able to create with them a beginning to end story. With SportsTyme, I was able to create a concept that included most of the sports they highlighted, the children's safety, and a brief call to action. I encouraged them to stay away from talking heads as they are trying to include a lot of action. Talking heads have the tendency of slowing energy down in a video, unless they are in motion.

This prep work helped create a schedule that kept us on time of production and within their budget. At times, schedules may not go according to plan for various reasons, such as weather, traffic, number of takes, etc…The result of this production turn out to be this pretty cool video produced.

I get stressed in most of my productions. But I'm not always at the level of jumping off a bridge. When you do plan, it helps reduce the stress level. But, it also helps to know the type of people you work with. The team at SportsTyme were very chill and easy-going. They told me that they were planning on promoting the video in January of 2019. But they jumped the wagon and decided to do so, way earlier, because they loved their video so much!

Planning your production helps not just in reducing your anxiety level, but it gives you the freedom to know that you and your client are on the same page as far as creativity goes. You also manage to work through some pre-conceived hurdles that can be dealt with prior to production. It helps too getting paid extra for this, not just because you earned cash, but because you've empowered your client to feel confident over their decision of hiring you and being a part of the brainstorming process.

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