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Wedding Color Grading with Excellence!

Your final video production piece should be a masterpiece, no matter the rate in which you were hired. Not because you just want to do a great job for your customers, but you want to do it unto the Lord, too. Carthel and Nelly's wedding was a last minute production. We were thankful that we were available for them.

Nelly and her groom, Carthel, were among the kindest couples we've met thus far. They were so optimistic, and were very supportive of my work and talent. When my time came to create for them the 15-sec piece, literally, I began praying and hoping to create a solid edit that would captivate these couple's hearts. I owe it to them, because they deserved it.

One of the things that I keep in mind during the production is any footage that looks epic for both the 15-sec and extended highlight. I do my best to put motion footage, first, and on a tripod, second. I then think of shots of looks of people, in anticipation or excitement, perhaps a big smile. I try filming candid shots, because these are the most natural. In some cases, when you miss the shot and you ask them to re-do, it's not the same as when they weren't noticing a camera filming them. I try to find any epic moves, like the part of Carthel and Nelly dancing, when he stumps on the ground as the song hits a hard beat.

Most importantly, we try to enhance the colors. She told me that her colors were festive. So, I made the color saturated and a bit vibrant. I don't like crushing the black colors too much in most of my productions, unless it calls for it. One of the biggest things that I've learned from professional coloristas is that you don't want other light, and colors to distract you while you are color grading, because they could ruin your brain's attempt at processing certain colors and contrast. So, I'm learning to color grade in the dark really. I then use my wife to check on my work to see what fits and what doesn't, if my colors are making people look like Umpa Lumpas, etc... So, you definitely want that quality control. Truth be told, I don't like this part, because that means I have to make corrections, which means more time in post-production. But, I build self-control and have to take it like a man.

There's certainly another feature that's crucial for most of your edits, especially the very, short ones. That's in the power of sound effects. But, this is a post for another video story. I'm hoping that these tips help you, film creator, how to make stunning films. To you, future customer, I hope that you got to read my heart in how I work production. Please, make sure you follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If these links do not work for you, please, go to my homepage and click on the links there. Also, subscribe for more newsletters. Keep up the good work and until next time. :)

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